Aug 22, 2021

Tell Me About Yourself Survey Round Up

Thanks to those that took the time to fill out the survey!  There were almost 50 responses with many good insights and lots of information.

So first, let's talk about the common threads in your audiences.  From focusing on specific health issues to women to professional moms to middle-age men.  A handful of you have multiple blogs that you manage and share content across.  

The majority of you use the e-books, the articles, the checklists and the lead magnets the most.  And this is where the Whole Food PLR Content has been focused.  

Now here's where the content could do more for you:  I've been going through the bundles and making my own checklists.  One of the first items will be to update and DFY social media graphics to the packages, with the idea to add 30 days worth to each bundle.  These would allow you to brand them, change up colors to match your branding and post them to draw people to your blog.  In addition, the images could be used as graphics within the blog.  Some will feature a recipe, some will be teaser content to entice them to click through to your blog, and some will be fact/myth etc., based on blog content.  If you already have the bundle, then these will be added to your content at no additional charge. We've already begun working on the Paleo Halloween bundle.

A high percentage (a little under half) expressed interest in having video and/or audio content.  I hear you and we're exploring it further and making a plan.  We're focusing on our upcoming new additions first and will go back after the new year to update the previously released content with these options.

Basic fitness, mobility, and those types of topics also struck a cord, as did the option to co-brand.  Once I've completed my certified personal trainer certification thru NASM in the next few months, I'll be ready to add these items to the content calendar.  

Perhaps the largest response was to the topic of a diet roundup, and then broken down into further information.  We've begun the first steps of researching this and there's a lot of information, and a lot of mis-information.  We'll provide a breakdown in an overall large, pillar type article, and then create separate articles that address specifics and bust the mis-information.  You'll be provided with references and links to specific studies as part of this bundle once we're done.  We're targeting this for prior to the New Year as the topic would be well timed for New Year's resolutions.  I'll be asking for your input along the way.

Another big request was content that could be used as courses along with DFY funnels with follow up emails and the complete works.  I have a few bundles that are in the development process and am looking at them to see how they could be adjusted to fit this.  

Other requests include:  mental health, habits, focus, holistic topics, etc.  And this all leads to one other request:

An upcoming content calendar!  We'll pop that into place on it's own page with it's own spot in the menu so you can pop in and check it out, add your input, etc. :)

Many other wonderful comments and nuggets of wisdom were shared as well.  I appreciate the time you all took to say hi to me and welcome me to your world.  We're still shifting and rebuilding the site from WordPress into Kajabi and that's going to take quite a bit of time.  So we're tackling that one bundle/one page at a time (kind of like climbing a mountain - one step at a time) and mixing it in with updating existing bundles and working on new bundles.  It's exciting!!! 

And if you're not on the email list, then you can take that first step and sign up.  It's double opt-in so you'll need to confirm your email address.  


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